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Madeleine Fear

You might know Madeleine through Malthouse Farm, Small Furry Hotel, The New Forest Pet Spa or from K9 Training but if there is one thing we can all agree on she loves all animals from the smallest to the biggest. She has devoted her life to looking after your animals and helping people look after them and train them.

She started her education within the animal world at agricultural college where she gained her equine qualifications.  Madeleine has an advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour . She has owned and trained dogs for over 30 years.


Small Furry Hotel was born in 2007 and has become one of the UK's largest and most luxurious hotels for small animals.  Madeleine is passionate about animals living as they should for their species and being able to exhibit their natural behaviours. 


Her passion for Bearded Collies started as a child and the Bearded Collies she owns go back to her first dog.  When not working Madeleine loves showing her dogs. Being half Scottish she has a love of most things Scottish so Dandie Dinmonts fit perfectly at the Malthouse Farm , all farms need a terrier or three.


The Malthouse Farm is a beautiful small holding that breeds Angora Goats and has a small shop selling various items.  Take a look below at everything Madeleine gets up to........

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